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1st Class Advice #2:  “Wear socks with holes”

Throughout the flight, I listened intently as he spoke while staring forward, out the window. He would smile at the flight attendants as they walked by, or brushed lint and dust off of his jeans repeatedly.  He continued on talking like this for the entire duration of the flight.  I didn’t have time to stop, think, process, or ask questions.   More importantly, I thought to myself, “I don’t want to interrupt him and stop the flow of wisdom he was sharing.”   So I didn’t.  Not even when he said completely off the wall statements like, “no matter how expensive your shoes get, wear a pair of socks with holes in them.”  After landing, I quickly took a paper out and started writing anything and everything down that I could remember.   Later reading it again, while staring at my notes, I thought and chuckled “what! socks with holes in them?” It took me years to realize what he meant.

When you start from nothing, you buy what you need and use what is functional.  Then you get to a point where you can add nice to need and functional.  After working hard, you are able to afford and buy things you don’t necessarily need, but are both extra and nice.  What he was saying is that when you get to that stage, don’t forget where you came from. Keep your head on the ground

There is nothing wrong in having nice things, whether its an expensive pair of shoes, a purse, a watch, jeans, suit, luxury car, house, or condo., But “Wear a pair of socks with holes” means, keep your head on the ground, humility with all your achievement and success. In doing that, you will maintain key ingredients to an “Illuminous” Attitude- You will be grateful, appreciative, and humble.


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