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Netflix’s Success is tied to Responsible Freedom

For years when I interviewed those looking to join the Intuitive Solutions Family, I would describe Intuitive’s work environment and say “the people who succeed here are the ones who can be responsible with freedom, because, we don’t like to micromanage here.”

This morning I came across a short article that describes the work culture at Netflix. Netflix, without question, is one of the most disruptive companies of the last decade that continues to succeed. Writer Kevin Kruse titles the article, “Netflix Has No Rules Because They Hire Great People.” This title immediately caught my attention. As my dream and what I’ve been working to build for Intuitive has been to achieve the same, A work environment with little or no rules!

At the end of the article, Kevin points to the following:

“Freedom And Responsibility

Instead of creating endless rules and processes, which is how most companies deal with major growth, Netflix asserted that a business should focus specifically on two things:

  1. Invest in hiring high-performance employees.
  2. Build and maintain a culture that rewards high-performers, and weeds out continuous, unimproved low performers.”

As part of our 2016 Strategic Reinvention Plan, we decided to invest into doing a better job at Talent Identification and Talent Recruiting.

“High performance” is very subjective and will vary company to company. At Intuitive it doesn’t mean those who can do the most work. It means those who can get the job done end-to-end with little or no management.

Another thing I’ve always said to potential new hires is “if I have to hire or ask a manager to follow-up and follow-through with your work, you won’t make it here too long” It shouldn’t take two people to do your job. If that is the case, then Intuitive is not the right place for you. Unfortunately, the weeding out does take place. Because, responsible freedom isn’t for everyone. Some people need someone over their shoulder. Weeding out here usually starts with an uncomfortable conversation, and then if no change escalates to the implementation of policy and procedure.

Let us all be the best practitioner’s of responsible freedom and continue to drive that going forward. This ingredient will empower Intuitive and your organization to succeed now and for years into the future!


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