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I love GREAT packaging!

I love GREAT packaging!

The other day, I ordered something online. When it arrived, I received the text “your package has been delivered”, I excitedly went to check outside the front door. I had that uneasy feeling as I looked at a shabby looking box that was over taped as if it had been returned several times only to be resold back to me. What I saw made me wonder if I should accept the package or reject it.

Communication works the same way. Anytime you have a message that you think you need to deliver to someone, spend more time on the packaging than the message itself. If you do that, you will have less chances of a “return shipment.”

You ever buy or receive something where the packaging is so amazing that you slowly unwrap and enjoy the experience? The chances of rejection are slim, and even if you have to return the item, you almost regret having to do so.

Too often we quickly say whatever it is we have to say and hope the recipient takes it as is. Take a few minutes to think about how you are going to say what you need to say, imagine how the recipient will receive and perceive (two separate things). Rethink the words you’ll use. You want your packaging to be so amazing that the message and the packaging gets reused like those awesome gift bags that you nicely fold away in order to share more gifts out to others.

Take a few minutes to develop great packaging around your message.


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  1. Thinking about how your audience will perceive the message you deliver is very important. “Great packaging” is a good way to remember that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree. Too often after we have said something, we think, “That’s not how I intended for it to sound.” Carefully selecting our words is especially important in emails and texts.

  3. True. Appropriate choice of words does matter. It doesn’t even have to be deep nor poetic but “thinking before spitting” helps a lot. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

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