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Don’t do everything the customer asks
Credit: shutterstock - Igor Kisselev

When a customer asks you to do something, don’t. 

Credit: shutterstock - Igor Kisselev

Credit: shutterstock – Igor Kisselev

If you proceed to just “do” what they are telling you to do, then you are participating in their solution without knowing what the real problem is that they are trying to solve. Start with finding out what they are actually trying to achieve and why. That’s step one.

In step two, you are trying to uncover their workflow: What is their current workflow? How are they achieving their current goal now? What are the pains associated with whatever it is they are trying to do now? Ultimately, you are creating a new workflow to achieve the stated objective.

For step three, you want to find out what the restraints are. Ask, what are the financial restraints, the human resources restraints, and the time restraints. That helps you see capability and shows you the box that you are working in to solve their problems. Then compare their restraints and your own.

After these three steps you will be able to come up with far better solutions and to create bigger objectives or bigger achievements that may meet or even exceed your customer expectations.

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