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Being rude destroys your credibility. Be Inviting!

Recently, my family and I were at DFW airport browsing the shops before our flight. I am a candy junkie so I lead everyone into the candy store. It was one of those shops where they have the buckets of candy that you scoop into a bag. Well, while I was hunting for the perfect candy I hear screaming from behind the counter, “MA’M, MA’M, GET YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THE CANDY!” I look up to see what is going on and notice everyone in the store confused and completely frozen. No one really knew who she was talking to but after a minute of awkward silence, everyone took a step back from the candy stalls. I was on a mission so after grabbing a small bag of chewy sweet tarts (warning: these will change your life forever) I headed over to check out. I politely asked the store clerk, “so.. from Dallas?” “I live here, but I’m from the Philippines.” “Whereabouts in the Philippines, I have an office in Cebu.” She excitedly responded “You have an office?! Do you have a business there?” I said “Yes, I do actually.” “Does your company pay well, and will you hire me?” I responded, “yes we pay well. But, will you treat my customers the way you treated everyone in your store today?” Now this time she was the one who froze. I didn’t say it sarcastically, I honestly didn’t want her to feel bad. I was hoping she would reflect, which she did. After that, she profusely apologized and started to explain her actions in order to restore her credibility.

Now a days, we think a resume, a reference letter, fancy digital presence, capital letters before or after our names, or lots of bling are all that is needed for credibility. How we carry ourselves and how we interact with people – all of humanity regardless of when, where, and who – is what really counts. The difference between being real and being fake is uncovered in how consistent we are in each interaction.

Rid any attribute of rudeness from your behavior option list. No matter how familiar or strange, how old or young, how important or unimportant, ensure that every interaction anyone could ever have with you is wonderfully pleasant. Be inviting! If you do this, everyone will want to be around you.


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