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Avoid the micromanagement trap

Do you feel like you are being micromanaged? Chances are your actions and behaviors have something to do with it.

Here’s how to recognize when you are being micromanaged and some tips on how to get out of the micromanagement trap.

In principle, if your boss (could be a manager or customer) has confidence in your ability to understand objectives, put a plan together, and deliver timely results, they should never micromanage you. If you struggle with understanding objectives, aren’t able to put realistic plans together, and can’t execute, you’ll likely be on your way for micromanagement and possibly out the door.

Let’s say your boss has stopped sharing “why” or what the outcome objective is, and directly tells you what to do. If that describes your world, then you are in the micromanagement trap.

To get out of this trap, instead of directly doing what is being asked, start with uncovering the outcome objective. If you know the outcome objective, you will be better prepared to exceed expectations and participate in solving unexpected problems that come up along the way by using your subject matter expertise, your creative thinking, and your ideas to achieve the same outcome.

The goal is to earn the trust and confidence of your boss in your ability. That happens over time and not over night. A boss who only tells you what to do, trusts only your ability to complete a task. A boss who tells you why and shares the outcome objective, trusts your ability to see the big picture. A boss who shares the initial problem with you, trusts your ability to problem solve, see the picture, and get the job done. A boss who never checks in on you, trusts your ability to deliver on time.

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