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Advice from my brother to my son
Taayyab Yunus and Mohammed

“Who would pick that color?!” Said my 14 year old son from the back seat as he pointed to the car next to us at the stop light. My elder brother sitting next to him says “Mohammad, as your uncle who loves you I will give you this advice, always participate in the joy of others.

After the ride I asked Mohammad if he knew what that meant. He said, “if other people enjoy what they have, then I should enjoy it with them regardless of whether it fits my liking and taste. By doing this, I make them feel special and good about what they have.”

This holiday season, participate in the joy of others. Forget about the gifts and food, they are just objects. Focus on the individuals and how you are making them feel. Make the giver and receiver feel special, regardless of how silly the gift is that exchanges between them. These moments are not about the gifts and food, but about the connections gifts and food make. While at company, family, and people gatherings, suspend your own needs, wants, and desires. Participate in the joy of others.

Mohammad is now 16. I’m sure he’ll give me a hard time about this post. Enjoy and share it as much as possible.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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