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Achilles heel of ideation

While walking between gates at Abu Dhabi Airport, an idea came to mind. As I continued to walk, I found myself getting deeper and deeper into the idea. My imagination kept growing, more and more questions, scenarios, and hypothetical situations popped up. Problems and roadblocks would rise and fall with solutions. After bumping into someone on accident, I realized that I was lost in the airport. I had forgotten my gate number and departure time. Afraid of losing the idea, I opened my bag to grab a pen and pad. After searching for a few minutes, I gave up and pulled my phone out. Upon turning it on, I was attacked by a barrage of notifications. I started to work the que and clear out all the notifications. BIG MISTAKE! Once I was done clearing the notifications and finally ready to jot down the idea, I struggled to recall the ideation that had occurred prior to me pulling the phone out.

Notifications are the Achilles heel of ideation. I will even take that a step further and say that interruptions to a continuous stream of thought will impede upon purity of ideation. After what happened, I went into my phone and turned off notifications except for my phone ringtone. Chances are, if it is that important, they will call. If you are working on a project or building an idea, do your best to turn off and/or ignore interruptions. Let your imagination run free!


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