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3 Easy Tips to Being Influential

This morning I boarded a flight from Dallas to Chicago.  I was sitting in an aisle seat.  From there I watched as other passengers boarded and pushed through to their seats.  There was a man who was holding a book in his hand.  I read the title as he held the book upside down, “How to be Influential.” I looked up and saw how he seemed completely emotionless.  As he made his way through the aisle towards his seat I watched as he spoke in a mumbling low tone not making any eye contact with the passengers around him, “that is my seat” he said to another passenger.  I wanted to meet him, get to know him, understand why he was curious about being more influential?  And then perhaps somewhere along the way share with him my three easy tricks to being influential.  Three things that we all have in us that is so easy. The first is to always smile, second is to make eye contact (like we do with our cell phones when we are texting), and third to always express enthusiasm at one level higher than the other person.

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  1. Your blog is really good ALH. The only thing I think you should add, is an explanation about your three advices

    • Thank you Yusuf. I am glad you are enjoying the blog, and am grateful for your feedback. Stay tuned, I will share more about the three tips.

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