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tayyaby01“I have dedicated my life, to improving the human condition”  – Tayyab Yunus

Tayyab Yunus is the founder and CEO of Intuitive IT Solutions Inc., a global People > Profit Company.  Mr. Yunus is also a partner with AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC and Xynapx Inc.

With over 20 years of experience, from being hands on to providing strategic guidance to both For Profit and Non-profit organizations, he drives strategic initiatives for “getting things going” and “getting things done.”  He drives Innovation, creates strategy, facilitates execution, and empowers tactics for small and global teams.

Tayyab’s aim has always been focused and aligned with his perspective on Personal Development and Life Improvement of all those around him. He believes in not just acquiring knowledge and skills, his entire journey has been to contribute towards the bigger picture of giving back to the Community. Tayyab’s career journey began at the age of 17 when he was in Gainesville, Florida, he was surrounded by mentors and teachers, and it was then when he became one of the founders of a community youth group. Two years later, he ended up as the National President and decided to move to Chicago.  There Tayyab gained insight, resources, and the expertise to finally initiate his Business. Intuitive IT Solutions came into being in the year 2002.  Over the period of 15 years, Intuitive Solutions has developed 4 product service divisions, including Revenue Cycle Management, Scribe, Technology Solutions, and the latest InWorker℠. With offices in the United States, India, Philippines, and Colombia, the Intuitive Global Family caters to a clientele of over 2,500 healthcare providers.

tayyaby02Tayyab holds an Executive Masters in Business Administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As an entrepreneur and self-funded businessman, the Executive Masters was not only obtained for personal development, but more importantly for people development. Tayyab continues to lead, guide and develop his Team’s expertise to grow, so that they may maintain, develop and take the Business to greater heights of success. In his downtime, Tayyab enjoys educating himself with others; collecting inspirational messages, experiences, and literature, and in return, he does not let go of any opportunity of sharing the same with his valued peers. Tayyab aspires to be a better version of himself with each new day he has on this earth, wasting no time to coach others to do the same. With each new version, he goes out into the world and shares his learnings so that others can have the insight they need to #IlluminateOn!

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